Downtown Vancouver Studio Boudoir Session

Downtown Vancouver Studio Boudoir Session

Along with being a Vancouver wedding and elopement photographer, I also have an immense passion for boudoir! Sarah’s downtown Vancouver studio boudoir session lit my soul on fire in the best way possible. If you’re on the fence about booking this type of session, read through the blog and let me know how you feel afterward. 

My background with boudoir 

If you didn’t know this, I run a trauma-informed boudoir practice intended to be transformative, restorative, and empowering. Throughout my experience, I know that your relationship with your body and/or self-love can be complicated (to say the least), but I find so much joy and fulfillment in showing folks how a session like this can ultimately be so healing for their journey.

Whether you want to explore, repair, and/or celebrate the relationship with yourself or your body, I’m right there with you. Practicing the delicate art of self-love and growth isn’t always easy, but you’d be surprised at how much progress you can make when you step outside your comfort zone and allow someone to capture your natural beauty. 

My boudoir session process

I know that booking a boudoir session might seem a bit daunting, but let me put you at ease! Here’s a rundown of my process to ensure that you feel comfortable and confident before you’re even in front of the camera. 

First, I start by offering a video consultation prior to booking so that you get to see my face and ask any questions you may have. My goal is always for you to feel at ease in my presence from the beginning of our relationship. Not everyone feels that they need this step, but it’s always offered!

Once you book your session, I’ll send you a questionnaire that gathers details about any triggers I should be aware of as well as parts of your body you love, and other parts you’re still trying to love. This questionnaire helps set any boundaries that need to be made prior to our session, but it also helps to set an intention about what you hope to achieve. Perhaps you’re celebrating a personal milestone, want to gift these photos to your partner, or maybe a mix of both! It could also signify the progress you’ve made in your healing or self-love journey. For other folks, it’s even about gathering newly inspired content for their business, which I am a full supporter of! 

At the end of the day, my business is a safe space for everyone and every body. My mission is to allow you a space to celebrate yourself and your body with where you’re at right now, because all bodies are beautiful and worthy of celebration and love just as they are. 

What Sarah had to say about her downtown Vancouver studio boudoir session

Okay, okay, don’t take it from me! Here are some kind words from Sarah that she sent me after her boudoir session in downtown Vancouver:

“How to summarize my experience in a few words. Empowering and inspiring. I’ve always played with the idea of doing a boudoir shoot but always thought I would do it for my wedding or for a partner. I never thought I would do it for myself. After ending an emotionally draining relationship my self-worth was at its lowest. Paige inspired me. The passion she brings to her work is captivating and comforting. She encouraged me to take back and rebuild my self-esteem through photos. I saw myself as beautiful and desirable through her lens. She is comforting and consent-forward. She put me at ease and allowed me to be open and willing to show off myself in angles I would’ve never dreamt I’d want to be captured. Now when I’m 80 I’ll look back, and say ‘hell yah I was babe!’ All thanks to the way she made me feel and was able to capture so beautifully.”

As I mentioned in the intro, this session lit my soul on fire! One of my favorite things is experimenting with light during sessions, and of course, we were gifted with beautiful direct light in the studio. I was so happy that Sarah was open to my creative process and was happy to play with the lighting we had. I’m so proud of her and how our photos turned out. 

My favorite studios in Vancouver!

If you are interested in booking a boudoir session, here are some studios I recommend that I think you’d love!

Workbook Studio

I've Got Dreams Studio

Loft Garden Oasis Studio

Prospect Studio

Lawrence Studio

La Arca Studio

The best studios & Airbnb’s in Victoria 

If you’re on the Island, I’ve still got some options for you! There are far fewer studios in Victoria than there are in Vancouver, so I’ve included a few Aibnb’s for you to check out as well:

Rock and Rose Loft

William Street Studio

East Sooke Treehouse

The Studio & Loft Suites

Fairholme Manor

My lingerie recommendations for your boudoir sessions

I couldn’t leave you hanging with the lingerie recommendations! If nothing at Victoria’s Secret or Honey Gifts in Vancouver speaks to you, here are some online brands to check out:

Playful Promises

Love & Lemons

Thistle & Spire


Vancouver hair and makeup artist recommendations 

If you want to get glam’d up for your Vancouver boudoir session, I’m here for it! Here are my top stylist recommendations:

Beauty by Demi if you’re wanting some pop and vibrancy

Artistry by Alice if you’re wanting delicacy or a hint of pizazz

Makeup by Kiona if you want your editorial dreams to come true

Victoria hair and makeup artist recommendations 

Don’t worry, I’ve got my Victoria people covered, too!

Erin Bradley

Melanie Baird

Makeup by Erica Harris

Ready to book your Vancouver studio boudoir session?

I would be thrilled to connect with you! To get in touch with me about doing a session together, you can fill out my contact form and I’ll get back to you shortly. 


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