Hey, I’m Paige!

One of my favorite things to do when I go back home to visit my mom is to grab the box full of photo albums. It contains moments that I never want to forget. When I look at those prints I am teleported to a place of childhood wonder and nostalgia. Each of those images is so invaluable to me. I used to look at myself in the images, so curious about my own growth. These days, I find I am more drawn to looking at my mother in the exact same photos. I think it's because as I grow older, I see more of myself in her. I wonder what her experience must have been like raising us three girls by herself. Her strength, her determination. I am in awe of her in those photographs. Those invaluable photographs., for which I am so grateful to hold in my hands.

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intensive care and emergency registered nurse

my wonderful hubby

hearing other people laugh

for my mental health

oatmeal brown sugar ice cream

because who doesn't love fun facts

nature walk with hot chocolate

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