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she specializes in imagery that is both strong and bold yet elegant and timeless.

My personal touch is sprinkled on everything.

My art work is an extension of my creative mind and my heart. It's an expression of what I am the most passionate about: playfulness, connection, love and creativity. Weaved throughout all of my work is my personal touch. You can rest assured knowing your photos will be as authentic as you are while also showcasing my personal eye for detail and story telling.

I'm obsessed with

I actually have two degrees

Ice cream all day errday

Genetics and Nursing

Nothing makes me happier than

My favorite person is

Making someone laugh

My handsome hubby

I’m addicted to

I started this business

Baths and candles

To save my mental health

My favourite show

My perfect hobby

Friends for the nostalgia. This is Us for the emotion. And the tears.

Planning my next backpacking trip

all i'm saying is

let's twirl around on the beach, laugh on top of a mountain or go wild on a tequila soaked dance floor.

How'd this all start?

I have always had an interest in photography and composition. When traveling, I would contemplate the perfect angle for any image using only my iPhone. It wasn't until the beginning of the pandemic that my husband encouraged me to get a professional camera and "just go for it". He bought me my first full frame mirrorless camera for my birthday and I haven't looked back. It came at the most perfect time too, because having a creative outlet and something that was "mine" to nurture turned out to save my mental health during the pandemic (I am also an intensive care registered nurse). If I was to describe myself...I am both the person who hides out at the food station at any party waiting for someone to tell me their life story over a glass of [spiked] punch, but also the person who throws down on the dance floor to any song with an upbeat tempo.

I love spontaneous trips, backpacking, exploring the world and meeting new people. As someone who wears her heart on her sleeve, I am obsessed with a good love story and can't wait to tell yours.

bride and groom after their ceremony at the UBC koerner's pub in Vancouver, BC

Working with Paige on our wedding day was so wonderful! She is incredibly talented and passionate about her work. She is just a joy to be around and instantly makes everyone feel at ease. Arguably posing for photos is at it’s best incredibly awkward, but Paige made us feel like it we were born to do it.

Paige took the time to figure out who we are, our vision for the the day, and what we were hoping to get from the photos. On the day of our wedding she took beautiful photos, kept the whole day on track, made us feel so comfortable and so vogue and even captured genuine smiles from parents who refuse to smile for photos. She then delivered hundreds of beautiful photos along with a slideshow that makes everyone who watches it cry.

The photos were breathtaking and she did a wonderful job of getting fun, quirky and interesting photos that we wouldn’t have even thought about. Paige was incredibly responsive and accommodating and equally helpful in providing guidance. One of the biggest take-aways was that Paige was great fun to be around which made us relaxed and at ease. We absolutely LOVE our photos, they completely exceeded our expectations. Paige took the time to get to know us and understand what we were looking for and the results were authentically “us”.

monika and luke

martha and mike

kirsty and arved

Koerner's pub - vancouver bc

granville island - vancouver bc

the belgard kitchen - vancouver bc